The kids from Fame..why you may ask,it brings back childhood memories

Who are the Kids from Fame:

What was the show about:

It was the child of the 1980’s High School musical.

Using a mixture of drama and music, it followed the lives of the students and faculty at the New York City High School for the Performing Arts.Who had a number of hit singles and albums at the height of the show’s success.

In 2008  television presenter Justin Lee Collins, travelled to America to unite various members of the group.Hence forth the attached video’s,are very entertaining enjoy.

This blog is dedicated to Steve Tolfrey Nee Hall



The two images above are playing cards drawn from a set called ‘Funny Families’, dating from approximately 1910.

Identified as ‘Miss Tommy Atkins the Soldier’s Daughter’ and ‘Master Tommy Atkins the Soldier’s Son’, the family group is completed by two further cards representing their parents.

‘Mr. Tommy Atkins the Soldier’ and ‘Mrs. Tommy Atkins the Soldier’s Wife’.

These imaginary army children are depicted stereotypically, playing soldiers: Miss Tommy Atkins, with her sword drawn, marches past a line of toy soldiers standing at attention, while Master Tommy Atkins prepares to fire a toy cannon.

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